An Insider's Guide to Canada's Capital

An Insider's Guide to Canada's Capital

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An Insider’s Guide to Canada’s Capital began as a journey led by creator & editor, Zainab Muse, after connecting with the city of Ottawa and calling it home due to its similarities with the city she was born and raised in, Kano, Nigeria. The book provides a creative depiction of the Capital and aims to dispel the current perception. 

Its chapters divide an experience in Canada’s Capital into panoramic landscapes to entice lovers of nature, adrenaline-inducing activities for adventurers, culinary options for food enthusiasts, and historical landmarks that shape the Capital and attract history buffs. 

It also features a collection of memories that travellers from all parts of the world tie to why they love Ottawa. 

With an introduction by the Mayor of the city, and other contributions by notable figures in the Capital, An Insider’s Guide to Canada’s Capital presents a fresh perspective into Canada’s Capital and serves as a tribute to the culture, age and talent diversity that exists in the city.