Miss Bingley Requests

Miss Bingley Requests

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Revisit the world of Jane Austen’sPride and Prejudice, through the eyes of the woman who is determined to win Mr. Darcy’s affections, in this sumptuous and romantic novel.

To Jane Austen’s faithful readers, it is a truth universally acknowledged that the hearts of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy are forever entwined. But if Miss Caroline Bingley has her way, all will transpire very differently.

Ever since she met him, Caroline has intended to wed Mr. Darcy. Intelligent and well educated, Caroline is an ambitious rising star in fashionable societyâ??some might say connivingâ??but in Regency England, what can she do to better her situation but marry well? Surely, Mr. Darcy is aware that Caroline will make the perfect wife and hostess at Pemberley, his grand estate. Now, all she need do is await his proposal.

Caroline’s brother, Charles, takes a country estate, Netherfield Park, where he is drawn to Jane Bennet. To Caroline’s initial amusement, Mr. Darcy takes note of Elizabeth Bennet, but humour turns to concern when his interest increases.

At the same time, Caroline meets Mr. Tryphon, a young man new to London and introduced to society by Caroline’s friend, Lady Eleanor Amesbury. Try as she may, Caroline finds it well-nigh impossible to maintain her decorum in his company. Despite her growing feelings for Mr. Tryphon’s dark eyes, and the touch of his firm forearm beneath her gloved fingers, Caroline knows that her future life is entwined with that of Mr. Darcy. And nothingâ??not love, passion, friendship, or loyaltyâ??shall stand in the way of Caroline’s aspirations inMiss Bingley Requests, Judy McCrosky’s richly romantic reimagining ofPride and Prejudice.