Super Cats

Super Cats

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A fiesta of feline facts for cat lovers everywhere!

It’s amazing but true: there are approximately six hundred million pet cats around the world! And why not? Not only are they playful, cuddly, and smart, they are also very helpful. Best known as skilled hunters, they can also predict storms and earthquakes, bring comfort to the sick, and have been known to detect diseases in humans.

The love of cats goes back to the ancient Egyptians who worshipped them.  Young readers will be fascinated to find out all the rituals attached to cat worship—and will be surprised to discover how cats played a role in the defeat of the Egyptians by the Persians.

In her lively narrative style, author Elizabeth MacLeod recounts the origin of the superstition about black cats —and how owning any cat could have saved your life during the Plague. She explores the role of cats in Japanese and Chinese culture, and provides a useful guide to how cats communicate, both with other cats and humans.

For the millions of young readers who adore cats, this book will keep them riveted with the many stories and facts about the world’s favorite pet.