K9 Search and Rescue Troubleshooting

K9 Search and Rescue Troubleshooting

  • $24.95

Diagnose and fix the most common training errors in your SAR dog with positive, effective methods.

Susan Bulanda, bestselling author of Ready! Training the Search and Rescue Dog, is back with a new book that every SAR dog handler needs. Susan has spent decades working with SAR dog handlers around the world to improve the performance of their K9 teams with her positive, professional approach to training. Now, she shares the tips and tricks she’s learned over the decades to help handlers not only properly raise and train SAR dogs from puppies, but also to fix problems in dogs that have been improperly trained.

Susan explores how the stages of a dog’s early development affect its behavior as an adult. She also presents the latest research in scent: what it is, how dogs detect it, and what they detect—crucial information for all SAR dog handlers, and a fascinating look at how dogs perceive the world.

Learn how to:

  • Find the right dog for SAR work.
  • Pick the right training method for you and your dog.
  • Avoid common handler mistakes during SAR operations.