Ten Strategies for Building Community with Technology

Ten Strategies for Building Community with Technology

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Educators in online and other technology-rich environments consistently ask, “How can I build community among the learners in my class?” They know learning is strengthened by community, but aren’t sure how to design a community in a learning environment where technology plays a significant role.

Ten Strategies for Building Community with Technology answers their question with proven strategies developed over the authors’ thirty years’ experience designing and teaching online classes. The ten strategies demonstrate that technology is not an impediment to community, but instead a tool for building more effective learning environments than are possible with traditional, face-to-face classrooms. Used the right way, technology can provide more instructional time, more opportunities for students to reflect, more chances to share and connect, and more access to feedback.

But these effective learning environments don’t happen by chance. This book will give you all the background, tactics, examples and advice you need to design successful learning communities with technology.

Ten Models for Building Learning Communities

  • Transmission/Direct Instruction
  • Guided Discovery
  • Nurturing
  • Apprenticeship
  • Case Study
  • Shared Praxis
  • Insight-Generating
  • Training
  • Projects
  • Inquiry