With Faith and Goodwill

With Faith and Goodwill

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The Hill Times: Best Books of 2017

For 150 years Canada and the United States have shared something truly unique.

The countries may have the world’s longest unmilitarized border and the most prosperous free-trade arrangement in history, but what most distinguishes the Canada-U.S. relationship is neither geographic nor commercial — it’s personal. Our special relationship is the product of shared values, countless cross-border connections, and generations of combined experience. Our two countries have grown into more than just friends. We are family.

On the occasion of Canada’s 150th anniversary, With Faith and Goodwill celebrates the ups and downs, the vigour and variety of that family history by showcasing the words and images of prime ministers, presidents, and other dignitaries. From Sir John A. MacDonald to Donald J. Trump and including everyone from Tommy Douglas to Hillary Clinton, this beautifully designed collection of speeches and rarely seen photographs offers a privileged peek into the power politics of Canada-U.S. relations.