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Pain strikes all of us, but it becomes a recurring or constant condition for one in five people. For millions young and old, it is a difficult, day-to-day reality, and many sufferers have been left feeling more frustrated and helpless than ever, despite medical advances.

Pain is a guide to understanding and treating all kinds of pain, and helping sufferers maintain hope for a normal life. In accessible chapters, this book explains how pain occurs at a fundamental level, both psychologically and physically, and what makes ordinary pain debilitating.

Inside, you will find:
  • A guide to pain management for sufferers and those close to them
  • Vital information on the types of pain, the causes, and the treatments
  • Concrete advice for controlling pain, understanding treatments, and living a normal life
  • Testimonials from people who have taken control of their condition

With a focus on the daily realities of suffering and recovery, Pain aims to inform readers about the therapeutic and psychological approaches to pain management. In addition, it offers concrete tools and strategies to help sufferers become experts on their own pain and guide their own treatment.