The Ashes of War

The Ashes of War

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The end of the War of 1812 brought with it great political, economic, and social upheaval.

The sixth and final book of the Upper Canada Preserved — War of 1812 series, The Ashes of War examines in detail the closing stages of the war on the Northern Frontier, including the two-month siege of Fort Erie, the engagement at Cook’s Mills, the American attempt to recapture Michilimackinac (Mackinac), the tale of the Nancy, and the American raids into southwestern Upper Canada. It explores the impact that events occurring at the same time in the United States and at the peace negotiations at Ghent, in Europe, had on the ongoing war. It also examines the major military campaigns that were planned by the respective sides for 1815 — that is, until news arrived of the signing of a British-American peace agreement on December 24, 1814, officially ending the conflict, but not the story.

The Ashes of War goes on to look at the significant post-war military, political, social, and economic impact the war had on England, the United States, the colonies of British North America (later Canada), and the Native nations on the continent.

A fitting and comprehensive conclusion to this critically acclaimed series on the War of 1812-1815.The other books in the series are: A Call to Arms, The Pendulum of War, The Flames of War, The Tide of War, and A Crucible of Fire.