• How to make an order?

Just like any old website, add books to your cart hit pay and we start sending books your way. You only pay shipment once even if your books are from different distributors. 

  • How long does it take to receive your order?

We must admit that sometimes our book take a little longer than some of our bigger competitors. You see we work directly with Canadian book distributors but very independently from each other as we do not have our own warehouse.

That means that many of your orders arrive to you at different times but straight from the distributor. 

So short answer is that each book takes anywhere from 3-7 days to arrive at their destination depening on the distributor.

  • How do I make returns?

Returns are super easy. We actually re-sell the books you return as used books. So please please do not mark the books, this way a lot more people can enjoy the reading at more affordable prices. 

Please make the returns to our Toronto address. Please know you have to pay for the shipment charge for returns. We will reimburse you the book price.

  • How do I look for a book?

There are a few ways to look for your books. You can use the search bar or you can use the Genres filter. To find all the Genres, click on Catalog at the top menu bar. You can also click on Great Collections to see our most popular Genres.

  • Why is the filter so troublesome?

We are not really programmers, we are more readers than anything. Every time you finish looking in a Genre, you need click on the black x beside the genre or you can click on Catalog again. This is at the top of our list of To-Do. Create a better filter for the Genre. 

  • Why are some books priced at $0?

Well, sometimes the books we want are not inprint and you guessed it, some books do pass our trusty filter when uploading the books from our distributors to the online store.

  • Why can't I see all the books from every single author?

We feel your pain, we also want to see all of Atwoods' books here. We are working hard to negotiate contracts with every publisher so that the books get to you directly from them at economical prices. Please contact us directly and we'll try to do our very best.