Don't Tell the Nazis

Don't Tell the Nazis

  • $23.99

Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch's story of ultimate compassion and sacrifice based on true events during WWII - now in hardcover!

This was previously published, and is currently available in paperback, under the title Don't Tell the Enemy.

The year is 1941. Krystia lives in a small Ukrainian village under the cruel - sometimes violent - occupation of the Soviets. So when the Nazis march into town to liberate them, many of Krystia's neighbors welcome the troops with celebrations, hoping for a better life.

But conditions don't improve as expected. Krystia's friend Dolik and the other Jewish people in town warn that their new occupiers may only bring darker days.

The worst begins to happen when the Nazis blame the Jews for murders they didn't commit. As the Nazis force Jews into a ghetto, Krystia does what she can to help Dolik and his family. But what they really need is a place to hide. Faced with unimaginable tyranny and cruelty, will Krystia risk everything to protect her friends and neighbors?