Canada's Favourite Recipes

Canada's Favourite Recipes

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This evocative hardcover volume will be an essential gift for every Canadian foodie this holiday season!

What is Canadian cuisine? With our country's multicultural population and relatively young age (at 145, Canada's barely hit puberty) it's easy to think that we don't have a cohesive culinary landscape tying Canadians together. Veteran Canadian foodies Rose Murray and Elizabeth Baird are out to change that thinking. Their new book Canada's Favourite Recipes reveals just how distinctive our food is and how our people, climate and land influence it.

Rose and Elizabeth have amassed 160 recipes that represent Canada's rich culture and history. Many of the recipes are contributed by great Canadian cooks, chefs and personalities, including food writer Julian Armstrong, professional home economist Emily Richards and author Wayson Choy.

Rediscover the delights of Canadian cuisine with recipes such as:

  • Cod and Potato Fritters with Spicy Lemon Mayonnaise,
  • Quebec Tourtière,
  • Peameal Bacon Roast,
  • Braised Lamb Stew with Rosemary Dumplings,
  • Maple Carrot Cake with Maple-Butter Icing

An engaging book of taste memories, whose recipes speak clearly about the emotional connection between people and food. I feel I can trust this wonderful collection, and that that all of these carefully curated recipes are authentic and delicious. This is a timely and warm anthology of Canadian chestnuts that I'm sure is destined to become a classic and a staple on kitchen bookshelves across the land.
— Jamie Kennedy, chef, owner and operator of Gilead Café and Jamie Kennedy Kitchens